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Allow 30 minutes for installation

For proper installation read very carefully

Tools required: Tape measure, 4 C-clamps or 4 canopy clamps (for option 1), drill & 7/16 inch drill bit (option 2), two 30 inch high saw horses or a crate / box, 9/16 & 3/4 inch sockets w/ ratchet, crescent wrench, wire snips, 2 people for tray install.

1. Clamp bedrail runners to canopy with the ball studs towards the front. Leave about 1 inch of space between the steel runner and the front of the canopy. If choosing the bolt option DO NOT drill and bolt yet. If you have channel style canopy rails you may need to use the 3/8 x 4 inch aluminum spacers, countersink screws and coarse thread nylock nuts on the bottom of the clamp / bolt tabs, only if necessary.

2. Install leg sockets and legs on the adjustable tabs loosely with 1/2 inch washers, lock washers and bolts. Make sure the two hole tabs on the top of the legs are facing each other. Set legs on lowest setting. Adjust the leg socket spacing to 4 foot 6 inches. Rotate rear legs 90 degrees forward to allow room for the tray to be placed.

3. Insert 2 1/2 inch bolts with washers down through each corner of the main frame. Place 30 inch saw horses, crate or box in the truck bed, with 2 people place the frame & tray assembly on top with the handle facing back. DO NOT disassemble the tray from the frame, this is tuned and adjusted from the factory. Doing so may void your warranty. Bolt leg tabs to tray assembly using bolts, washers and fine thread nylock nuts. Make sure when tightening the sockets are properly adjusting in the slotted tabs on the rail runners.

4. Now that all components are bolted together, move Cargobat to desired height and location leaving at least 1 inch of space between the canopy and Cargobat. When tightening leg bolts make sure to tighten enough so the sockets pinch the legs. Now you may drill and bolt to the bedrail if desired. If clamping you must use the number of clamps the canopy manufacturer specifies in addition to using 4 clamps for the Cargobat.

5. Screw the nylon ball sockets on the end of the shocks. Install shocks by attaching the 1/4 inch piston to the aluminum tray first, then attach the 3/4 inch ram to the rail runners (this may take 2 people). The sockets should snap over the ball studs without removing the metal clips. Be very careful not to bend the shocks during installation. Check for proper operation.

6. Make sure to carefully read the warning and usage instructions prior to use.


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